‎Turkish Ambassador Ihsan Mustafa inaugurates Pak Turk-Friendly Square on Muri Road‎
‎Ambassador of republic of Turkey to Pakistan Ihsan Mustafa Yeradakal inaugurated friendship square on Main Murri Road to show pakistan-Turkey friendship, chairman RDA Tariq Mahmood Murta, DGRDA Chaudhry Faqal Ahmed and MD Vasa Raja Shaukat Mahmood, TIQA country head Goukan Amit, attended the occasion, which chairman RDA Tariq Mahmood Murtada thanked the Turkish ambassador, said, “This memorial is Pak Turk. He said, “Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan wants to further strengthen ties with Muslim countries and in this regard we have continued to try to bring the people of Muslim countries closer together, the RDA’s plan for a Pak Turk memorial is one of the link’‎Imran Khan.