Governing Body

The members of the Governing Body for the Rawalpindi Development Authority consist of..

  • Chairman.
  • 03 members of Provincial Assembly
  • Chairman Planning & Development Board or his representative.
  • Secretary of the Govt. of Punjab, Finance Department or his representative.
  • Secretary of the Govt. of Punjab, LG & CD Department or his representative.
  • Secretary of the Govt. of Punjab,  HUD & PHE Department or his representative.
  • Mayor of the Rawalpindi
  • Commissioner Rawalpindi
  • Director General RDA Rawalpindi
  • Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi
  • Managing Director WASA Rawalpindi
  • 02 technical members


There are 4 directorates of the Rawalpindi Development Authority:

  1. Directorate of Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering
  2. Directorate of Land Development and Estate Management.
  3. Directorate of Engineering.
  4. Directorate of Administration and Finance.

Powers & Functions of Authority

These are the main and prominent incentives and services from Rawalpindi Development Authority.
  • To evolve policies & programs relating to the improvement of the environment, housing, water supply, sewerage & drainage
  • To take measures to ensure optimum utilization of resources
  • To ensure economical & effective utilization of land
  • To prepare & execute new schemes
  • To approve budget & make regulations
  • To preserve and Improve Environment
  • To plan, guide, control and implement short and long term development projects
  • To preserve traffic & transportation corridors, roads, bridges, industry, education, health and planning execution Etc.
  • Building, land use control and urban development plans
  • To launch housing schemes and other projects, particularly of the nature of joint venture and on BOT basis
  • Approval and control over private housing schemes
  • To acquire property, both movable and immovable
  • To enter into contracts for case studies, surveys, experiments, technical researches or contribute towards the cost of any such studies
  • To issue Interim development order
  • To establish an Agency / Agencies and entrust such powers and functions as it may deem fit with the approval of the Government