Know Status of Housing Society

Beware of Frauds/Scams of Private Housing Societies

Public at large is advised to refrain from making any investment in illegal/fake/unapproved housing societies. Further, updated information of authenticity & sanctity of societies approved by PHATA should be obtained from PHATA directly. Moreover, never rely on fake screenshots of this page circulated on social media and always check status of private housing societies by visiting this web page in real time.

Name SchemeLocationCurrent StatusMap
Mumtaz CityPind Nasrala GharbalApproved over 3328.79 kanal whereas town planning of extension is approved on 1502.58 Kanal (transfer & mortgage deed of extension is in process)Mortgaged Plots
Rose ValleyAdyalaunapproved
Gallop Greens Farm HousesGahi Syedianunapproved
Rehbar ColonyMouza Ranyal, Hayal Rnyal & Hayal Dhamyal Chakri RoadFinal sanction issued over 175.04 KanalView LOP
Top CityBijnial, PindApproved over an area measuring 9681 KanalView LOP/Mortgaged Plots
Airport Green Garden (Revised & Extension)BajnialApproved over 4083.6 Kanals (transfer & mortgage deed is under process). Extension is approved over 924.5 kanalView LOP/Mortgaged Plots
Gandhara CityPind NasralaApproved over an area measuring 393 Kanal. Rev & Ext of 449.2 kanal is under processView LOP/Mortaged Plots
Elite Reverie Housing (Eighteen)Bajnial, bhamraTown planning approved over 4839 Kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is under process)View LOP
Taj Residencia (Extension)SheikhpurRevised & extension is under process over 2200 KanalView LOP/Mortgaged Plots
Capital Smart CityChahanApproved over an area measuring 7376 Kanal (Ext on 17602 Kanal is under process)View LOP
Faisal Town (Rev & Extension)Chahan, Barkat, Pind Nasralla & NoughaziFinal NOC issued over an area measuring 4735.90 KanalsView LOP
Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society K, K-Ext, MMohri Khatran and Gurbaltown planning approved over 3489 kanal, extension is approved over 1576 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed in process)View LOP/ Mortgaged Plots
PIA Officers Cooperative Housing SocietyAdyalaApproved over an area measuring 1212View LOP
Safari Valley Gali, Adyala roadApproved by TMA over 6199.81 Kanal (Revised plan is under processin RDA)
Pakistan Govt. Employees cooperative housing societyJonial, Rawat roadApproved over an area measuring 330.92 Kanal
Al-Haram City Kolian par, chakri roadApproved by TMA over 330.92 kanal
Banker City (court case)Nukriali, Adyala Approved over an area measuring 212.99
Qartaba CityKolian Hameed, Chakra, Chakri RoadApproved over an area measuring 7148 Kanal
Rabia Residency Chahan, Chakri roadapproved by TMA over 314.37 kanal
Dream Valley Housing SchemeManga Approved from TMA Murree
Bahria Golf CitysalkhetarApproved from TMA Murree.
Multi Gardens bhadana khurd, chokar, dhok jando & Thatha KhalilApproved over 19263.4 Kanal, transfer & mortgage deed is under processView LOP
Kohistan Enclave Sagra BrahamaApproved over an area measuring 599 Kanal View LOP
CBR ResidenciaKolian Parunapproved
Airport Town ThalianIllegal
Mustafa ResidenciaSheikhpurIllegal
Globel Avenue Phase IChakriIllegal
National Town JatalIllegal
Gulshan-e-IqbalMohri GazanIllegal
Gulf City (old name Fatima Town)Misrot, Chakri roadIllegal
Addan HomesDhamyalIllegal
Rawal EnclaveHayal Ranyal, Chakri Illegal
Green Homes (land sub-division)Dhoke AbdullahIllegal
Zaryab CityGharbalillegal
Soni Builders (Dream homes) (peace city)Chakri RoadIllegal
OGDC Employees Cooperative Housing SchemeDhagal Illegal
Radio Colony Employees Cooperative HousingKalri Illegal
Janjua Town IJarahiIllegal
Janjua Town 2JarahiIllegal
Janjua Town III JarahiIllegal
Jinnah TownAdyalaIllegal
Samarzar Housing Project KaliyalIllegal
HamzaTown Kaliyal Illegal
Raja Nisar (Land SubKalyal Illegal
Baber Homes (Land SubKalyal DhagalIllegal
Alfalah Homes (Land SubKalyal, KalriIllegal
T&T Housing SocietyDhagalPHATA approved over 1981 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Shahpur Town (Sphire KalriIllegal
Abid Homes (Land Sub Division)KalriIllegal
Samar Zar Villas (Land Sub KalyalIllegal
Akbar Villas (Land Sub Division)MorgahIllegal
Metro HomesKalriIllegal
Saphire Valley Sub-DivisonShahpur, DhagalIllegal
Hasan Homes (Land Sub Division)Kalri Illegal
Paras Villas / Raja Abid HomesKalyal, JorianIllegal
Bahria Town DhagalDhagalUnapproved
French Housing SchemeDhagalTown Planning Approved over 101 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is under process)
Waddya HomesMorgah Illegal
Land Sub-Division near T & T Housing SchemeMorgah Illegal
Maryum Green CityMorgahIllegal
Morgah Hills (Land Sub Division)Morgah Defense RoadIllegal
Defense viewKalyalIllegal
Al-Raffi HomesDhamyal KalyalIllegal
Executive HomesKalyal KalriIllegal
Ch. Orangzeb (Land SubDivision)Kaak SheikhpurIllegal
Sardar Town (land sub-division)Dhoke Pahrian, kalyalillegal
Muhammad Tahir / Muhammad Mtahir Land Dool Housing SchemeHoonIllegal
Adyala TownAdyalaIllegal
Mehmood TownMisriotunapproved
Green View ColonyDhoke AbdullahIllegal
Merry Land CityAdyalaIllegal
Abad Pearl VillasKalyal Illegal
Lawyers Cooperative Housing SocietyKotha KalanMerged with DHA
Gulraiz Housing SchemeKotha KalanScheme is before inception of RDA
Rasool TownKotha Kalan Illegal
National Police Foundation Cooperative Housing SocietyRawatUnapproved
Al-Buraq Enclave (Land Sub Division)Bagga SheikhaIllegal
Al-Karim BuildersBagga Miana , SangrialIllegal
Taqwa TownBagga SheikhaIllegal
Shahbaz Villas (land sub-division)Kotha Kalanapproved over 2.5 kanal
A.M TownChaklalaIllegal
City HomesBagga Sangrial, G.T.Illegal
Sarat Enterprises (Sheraz City)Bagga Sheikha Illegal
Mohafiz GardenRawatIllegal
Zitoon CityAlam, Bagga SheikhaIllegal
Hawak Eye ResidencaiBagga SheikhaIllegal
Green StoneBagga SheikhaIllegal
Salaar ResidenciaAban ChakIllegal
Federation of Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyLohi BherUnapproved
Cooperate Housing SocietyKot JabbiIllegal
Airport Employees Co- operative Housing SocietyKot JabbiIllegal
Sanghar TownGangalIllegal
Fazal Town (Phase II)ChaklalaIllegal
Palm CityKot Jabbi / ChaklalaIllegal
Lawyers Town / Wakeel ColonyKot Jabbi, ChaklalaIllegal
Garden City Bahria TownTakhtat PariMerged with DHA
Safari Homes & Khalid Block Bahria TownTakhat PariIllegal
Raffi Block Bahria TownTakht ParriIllegal
Wazir Town (Jabbar Colony)ChaklalaIllegal
Usman BlockKot Jabbi / ChaklalaIllegal
Executive Villas (Land Sub-Division)Kot Jabbi & ChaklalaIllegal
Chinaar ValleyJonial, Chakri RoadIllegal
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyKhasala, Chakri RoadIllegal
Shad Abad Model TownKhasala Kalan, Adyala RoadIllegal
City Model TownChahan, Chakri RoadIllegal
National GardenKhasala Khurd, AdyalaIllegal
Ideal Farm HouseKhasala Khurd, AdyalaIllegal
Ideal Citykhasal khurd, AdyalaIllegal
Daniyal TownKolian Par, Chakri RoadIllegal
Ex-Service Man Housing SchemeLari Myana, Adyala RoadIllegal
Bahria Town Phase IX, VIIIlari miana, adyala roadIllegal
New Iqra Citykolian par, chakri roadIllegal
Sasti Bastikhasala, adyala roadIllegal
Al Haram City (Phase-II)Habtaal, Chakri RoadIllegal
Farmaniat CityChakri RoadIllegal
Al-Jannat GardenChakri RoadIllegal
Al-Baddar Motor wayChakri RoadFake Scheme
Bahria Lari MianaKhasala Khurd, AdyalaIllegal
Abdullah Citysahal, rajoar, Chakri Roadillegal
Agro Farm ProjecthabtalIllegal
Khanyal HomesHabtaalIllegal
Allama Iqbal Colonyranyal, chakri roadIllegal
Safari Green HomesRanyal, Chakri RoadIllegal
International CityDhalla KhasalaIllegal
Syed Farm HouseChakriIllegal
Alkosar ValleyChakriIllegal
Airport Residenciathalian, katariaunapproved
Blue World CityThallian Katarianillegal
Media EnclaveHabtaal, SehalIllegal
City Farm House/City Towntaraya, taraya gorakhpur roadIllegal
Islamabad Farm House Ph-Ihoon sharifillegal
Safari Green HomesHoon SharifIllegal
Qurtaba City ExtensionDhalah KhasalaIllegal
City Model TownMujahid, Malkwal, DhederIllegal
Islamabad Farm House Ph- IIsoodIllegal
Islamabad Farm House Ph- IIIGahi syedanIllegal
Rehber TownGahi SaydianIllegal
Overseas EnclaveHayaalIllegal
Magma CitychahaanIllegal
Dream Land CitychahanIllegal
Imperial GardenChahanIllegal
Royal Farm Houses / residenciahabtalIllegal
Green Oaks Farm (Khanial Builders)Habtaal & sehalIllegal
CPEC SchemeHabtaalIllegal
Al-Mirage Gardengahi sayedanillegal
Bin AlamGahi Saydianunapproved
Mehmood TownGahi SaydianIllegal
Safari Green HomesMisriot, Dhamial RoadIllegal
Kashmir Heaven Valleydhok abdullah & hayal ranyalIllegal
Chitral Townpilo girja roadIllegal
Gulshan-e-BaharPilo Girja Roadillegal
Rawal EnclavePilo Girja RoadIllegal
Rawal Farm Housesood adyala roadIllegal
Pak Kashmir Sarhad ValleybandgyalIllegal
Farzand-e-Iqal SchemeBanda NagiyalIllegal
Al-Ameer Citykalyam mughalIllegal
The Regent Farm HouseKalyam MughalIllegal
International CityChakri roadIllegal
Green Farm HouseChakri RoadIllegal
Qurtaba Citykolian hameed, chakra chakri roadApproved by TMA over 7148 Kanala but extension is illegal
Cape TownhabtaalIllegal
Model ResidenciaTop kalyaalIllegal
KRL Cooperative Housing societykallar sayyedan road, rawatIllegal
Bahria TownKalar Saydian, Rawat RoadIllegal
AGP Pakistan (Gulf City)DharaIllegal
Khanyal Homes (MIVIDIA) BlockChakri RoadIllegal
Angro Farm HosesSehal, Habtaal, Chakri RoadIllegal
Ruden EnclaveDhala Khasala, Adyala RoadIllegal
Sub-Division (Murtaza Qadir / Raja Faisal)Jorian Dhamyal RoadIllegal
Pak Sar Zameen TownJorian Dhamyal RoadIllegal
Al-Rehman Colony (land-sub-division)ranyal hayal, Chakri RoadIllegal
Al-Makkah CitychakraIllegal
Lake Gardenkari khuda bakhshillegal
Gulmerg GreenKuri Khuda BakashIllegal
Scheme Raja Jahangir, Nisar, Malik AkramKuri Khuda BakashIllegal
Sub Division Arroj ButGirja Chakra, Girja roadIllegal
MM Villas (Sub-Division)ranyalIllegal
Hobby TownRanyaalIllegal
Airline Avenue(old name Avenue Housing Scheme)Pind Nasrallaunapproved
Silver CityJattal & RanialTown planning approved over 268.08 Kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is under process)
City Model TownKolian Parillegal
Blue HillsChahan, Sangral, Chakri roadillegal
CPEC Resort Housing SchemeChahan, Sangral, Chakri RoadIllegal
Smart GardenChahan, Chakri RoadIllegal
Tameer GardenChahanIllegal
Baber Homes / Gulshan-e- BaberKalyal / DhagalIllegal
Gulberg TownDhagalIllegal
Jabbar CityChaklalaIllegal
Jublee TownKaliyalIllegal
Kings TownKaakIllegal
OGDC TownDhagalIllegal
Raja Qasim (Land Sub Division)KalriIllegal
Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Phase-IIIllegal
Hussain Resorts-IMangaIllegal
Federal Govt. Employees Cooperative Housing SchemeBarohaIllegal
Jan TarceMangaIllegal
Green TarceNumbel / LakootIllegal
Royal TownTrait / MangaIllegal
Oil & Gas Development CorporationTrait / MangaIllegal
Sun CityTrait / KarlotIllegal
Murree Hills Corporative Housing SocietyTrait / SalgranIllegal
Wapda Housing SocietySalkhetarIllegal
Asia Housing SocietySalkhetarIllegal
Ahbab Housing SocietySalkehtar / SallaIllegal
Prascrate Corporation CompanyMohra IswalIllegal
Pakistan Council of Architects & DevelopersTrait / SalkhetarIllegal
Islamabad GardenTrait / MangaIllegal
Green Valley Farm Houses ProjectNadaradIllegal
Judicial TownTrait, Karlotunapproved
Sanam GardenTrait / KarlotIllegal
Green valley Farm Houses ProjectTrait / ChattarIllegal
Kohsar Valley Ph-IKhotaj Expressway MurreeIllegal
Kohsar Valley Ph-IICharhan, Angoori RoadIllegal
Sary Chaniota SchemeCharhan, Angoori RoadIllegal
Murree GardenCharahanIllegal
Murree Model Village / Murree ResortCharhan, Angoori RoadIllegal
Chachal Housing SocietyCharhan Angoori RoadIllegal
Royal Housing SocietyBunIllegal
Murree Green city / Al-Qadir HomesCharhan Angoori RoadIllegal
Green GardenMissiari ExpresswayIllegal
Al-Noor ValleyRawat PC RoadIllegal
Al-Fajar Greens Murree HousingKashmiri Bazar, Mohra EswalIllegal
SocietyBarori / Gora GaliIllegal
Season ValleyIllegal
Bahria Enclave II (partially Islamabad)Bobri pathaunapproved
Bahria Enclave IIIKhattarunapproved
High Gate HillsKhattarunapproved
Murree Green HomeKhattarIllegal
Commoners DevelopmentPatriataIllegal
Murree Hills Cooperative Hosing SocietyTrait / MangaIllegal
Utility Corporative HousingTrait / Samli TajjalIllegal
Proscrate Corporation CompanyMohra EswalIllegal
Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyTrait / Mangaapproved by TMA / Court Case
Utility Corporative Housing SocietyTrait / 22 Meelunapproved
Manava Construction / Country ClubTrait / 22 MeelIllegal
Hill TopTrait / MangaIllegal
Patriata Model VillageMohra SyaddainIllegal
Center PointCharhanIllegal
Shah GardenCharhan / New MurreeIllegal
Iqra GardenLakoot / NumbelIllegal
Valley View ResidencyLakoot / NumbelIllegal
Hill Top Loges Haddi VillasLakoot / NumbelIllegal
Mall View GardenBarahootar / MussiariIllegal
Murree LogesLakoot / NumbelIllegal
Bahria Golf City (Extension area)Manga / Expresswayunapproved
Murree Green GardenManga ExpresswayIllegal
Baroha Farm HousesBarohaunapproved
Murree Green VillasBarohaIllegal
Smart CityJhika Gali, MurreeIllegal
Murree Hills ResidenciaNew MurreeIllegal
Laxis Housing SchemeNew Murree PatriataIllegal
Asian Cottage Private Housing SchemeJhalyariIllegal
Telecom Enclave Private Housing SchemeBanthIllegal
Al-Haram City Ph-IIJhalyari , Bhahi KhanIllegal
Account Group Officers Cooperative Housing SchemeJhalyari , Bhahi Khan, Banth, GujriIllegal
Al-Haram City Phase II, Rahim BlockSangoriIllegal
Elegant City / new model townNigyal Pahlwanunapproved
Green CityBouchaunapproved
Al-Jannat Housing SchemeChahanIllegal
Wapda Town (Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society)Jando, Pandanaunapproved
Faisal TownJalalaIllegal
H ydayat TownBajjarIllegal
POF Cooperative Housing SocietyKatiaIllegal
Rawalpindi Housing Society (Pvt) LtdJando, Pandana, KhurdIllegal
Engineer Cooperative Housing SocietyPiswalunapproved
PAF Fizaian ColonyWanniIllegal
Ministry of Commerce Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyWanniunapproved
Veteran Employees Cooperative Housing Societydhok bhadanaunapproved
Army Welfare Trust Housing SocietyWanni, Poor, Paswani, Jandounapproved
Taxila Scheme IIIJalalaIllegal
Kashmir TownGari AfghanaIllegal
AWC Housing SchemeNikoIllegal
Al-Mamar Housing SchemeJandoIllegal
Rehbar TownUC Usman Block, KhatarIllegal
Kohsar ExtensionSerrai Khola, Juggian, Pind Gondal,unapproved
Ex-Service Man Housing SchemeFathe Jang Road- TaxilaIllegal
Solar CityJandooIllegal
Wah-Taxila Smart CityPind Godalunapproved
Aurora Housing SchemeLab Thatho taxilaunapproved
Wah Enclave ResidenciaNear village Kohi Garr, TaxilaIllegal
Taxila Scheme IIITaxilaIllegal
Anwar TownTaxilaIllegal
Taxila GardenTaxilaIllegal
Mian GardenLab Thatho, Pind Bhotti TaxilaIllegal
Wah ResidenciaPind Bhotti sir syed avenue, Taxilaunapproved
Al-Khan Enclave Phase-IIPind Bhotti, TaxilaIllegal
AWT Housing SchemeFathe Jang Road- TaxilaIllegal
New Murree Township (Land Sub-Division)Kotli Sattianunapproved
Lake MarinaKotliSattianunapproved
Al-Fazal GardenRakhainunapproved
Khudadad City including Airport enclavePind NasralaRevised Town Planning Approved over 1351 KanalsView LOP
Shalimar TownPind Nasrala & ChahanFinal Sanction issued over 915.8 kanal
Tarnol Housing SchemePind Nasrallah & ChahanApproved by district council over 3828 kanal however not endorsed by RDA yet (Revised & extension is under process)
University TownBajnialTown planning approved over 3454 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is under process)
Up-Country EnclosureKot Kolian, Rupa, JataalTown planning approved over 2014.42 kanal (transfer deed is submitted but mortgage deed is pending)
Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyLakhu, Rupa, Pind NasralaTown planning approved over 1638.50 kanal (transfer deed is submitted but mortgage deed pending)
Gulshan-e-FatimaRupaTown planning approved over 279 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Kohsar housing projectLakkhuTown planning approved over 600 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is under process)
CBR Town Phase-IIKot KolianTown planning approved over 1388.40 kanal (transfer deed is submitted but mortgage deed is pending)
Bahria Town Phase- VIIIGaliLOP approved over 11545.85 Kanal (Extension over 17602 Kanal is under process)
Garden VillasDhagalTown planning approved over 1342.50 kanal (Merged in DHA)
Abad Cooperative Housing Society(Gulshan-a-Abad)KaliyalTown planning approved over 2500 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is pending) Extension & sector 4 is illegal
Kehkashan TownShahpurTown planning approved over 405.36 kanal (transfer deed is submitted but mortgage deed is pending)
Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyMorgahTown planning approved by RDA. Scheme sold to GHQ (Askari 14)
Clifton TownKalriTown planning approved over 700 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Sanober CityKalri, KalyalTown planning approved over 407.35 kanal ( transfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Safari Villas-IKotha KalanTown planning approved over 562.05 kanal (transfer deed & bank guarantee is submitted in place of mortgage deed)
Bostan Avenue Housing SchemeKotha KalanTown planning approved over 312.87 kanal (transfer & mortage deed is pending)
Safari Enclave II (Land Sub Division)DhagalSub-Division is approved at an area measuring 98 kanal.
Bahria Town (Phase- I,II & III (Partially)Kotha KalanTown planning approved over 2368.14 kanal (transfer deed & bank guarantee is submitted in place of mortgage deed)
Rabia BangalowsKotha KalanTown planning approved over 52.20 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Army Welfare Housing Scheme (Defense-I)Morgah, Kotha KalanPhase-I is merged in DHA
Safari Villas-IIKotha KalanTown planning approved over 310.75 kanal (Transfer deed & bank guarantee is submitted in place of mortgage deed)
Eastridge Housing SchemeKotha KalanTown planning approved over 391.59 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Bahria ParadiseKotha KalanTown planning approved over 164.64 kanal however scheme now falls in the area of ICT
Golden Jubilee Cooperative HousingKotha KalanTown planning approved over 291 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is under process)
Municipal Corporation Co-operative Housing Scheme (Sector A&B)Bagga SheikhanSociety is merged in DHA.
Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyAbban Chak, RawatTown planning in RDA's area approved over 890.04 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is pending)
PARC Cooperative Housing SchemeBagga SheikhanTown planning approved over 501.70 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is submitted)
Doctors Town Cooperative Housing SocietyLohi BherTown planning approved over 387.43 kanal (Tranfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Fizaia Housing SchemeGangalTown planning approved over 461 kanal (tranfer & mortgage deed is pending)
Judicial ColonyGangalTown planning approved over 305.87 kanal. Scheme is complete at site and completion certificate is issued.
Rail view Housing SchemeChaklalaTown planning approved over 183.54 kanal
Shifa Cooperative Housing SchemeGangalTown planning approved over 206 kanal ( transfer deed is submitted but mortgaged deed is pending)
Rawalpindi Railway Employees Cooperate Housing SocietyLohi BherFinal Sanction is not granted.
New City Housing Scheme (Phase-II)TaxilaApproved by TMA hassan abdal over 1832 kanal, Planning permission for 2005 kanal is under process in RDA
Faisal HillsPind Gondal, Dhoke Syedo, Mohra ShahwaliFinal NOC issued over an area of measuring 11823 KanalsView LOP
Faisal Margalla CityDhoke Jando & ChokerFinal NOC issued over an area measuring 3671.41 KanalsView LOP
Commoners Sky GardenMenghle & Kathar, AngooriFinal NOC issued.View LOP
Utility Cooperative Employees Housing societyMangaFinal Sanction is not granted.
Gulshan-e-Kashmir (I, II)Kolian Par, Chakri RoadFake scheme
Pir Meher Ali Shah TownHayal Ranyal, Chakri RoadFake scheme
Khyber Model TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Al-Heaven GardenChakri RoadFake scheme
Al-Heaven GardenChakri RoadFake scheme
Classic CityChakri RoadFake scheme
Hinna TownSangraal, Chakri RoadFake scheme
Jafria TownHabtaal, Chakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-SangralSangral, Chakri RoadFake scheme
Pindi Dairy TownHabtaal, Chakri RoadFake scheme
Rawalpindi Green City (phase I-II)Ladian, Chakri RoadFake scheme
Dubia CityKolian ParFake scheme
Posh Citykolian parfake
Khyber Model TownKolian Par , Chakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-BatgramChakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-SubhanChakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-MuhammadiChakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-MustifaKolian ParFake scheme
Khaber CityChakri RoadFake scheme
Indus CityChakri RoadFake scheme
Islamabad Green ValleyChakri RoadFake scheme
Jamu & Kashmir EnterprisesChakri RoadFake scheme
Khan Model TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Latif AbadChakri RoadFake scheme
Motorway View CityChakri RoadFake scheme
National Agro CityChakri RoadFake scheme
New Islamabad CityChakri RoadFake scheme
New Islamabad FarmingChakri RoadFake scheme
Qurtaba CorporationChakri RoadFake scheme
Qurtaba FarmingChakri RoadFake scheme
Rawal GardenChakri RoadFake scheme
Saad TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Saleh CityChakri RoadFake scheme
Sanam ValleyChakri RoadFake scheme
Sara TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Osama TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Vooler CityChakri RoadFake scheme
Al-Ibrahim CityChakri RoadFake scheme
SSR & Co.Chakri RoadFake scheme
Al-Harmain TownChakri RoadFake scheme
PARC Cooperative Housing SocietyChakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-Kashmir (I, II)Chakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-Kashmir (I, II)Chakri RoadFake scheme
Pak PWDChakri RoadFake scheme
Islamabad Green ValleyChakri RoadFake scheme
Jamu & Kashmir EnterprisesChakri RoadFake scheme
Khan Model TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Latif AbadChakri RoadFake scheme
Motorway View CityChakri RoadFake scheme
National Agro CityChakri RoadFake scheme
New Islamabad CityChakri RoadFake scheme
New Islamabad FarmingChakri RoadFake scheme
Qurtaba CorporationChakri RoadFake scheme
Qurtaba FarmingChakri RoadFake scheme
Rawal GardenChakri RoadFake scheme
Saad TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Saleh CityChakri RoadFake scheme
Sanam ValleyChakri RoadFake scheme
Sara TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Osama TownChakri RoadFake scheme
Vooler CityChakri RoadFake scheme
Al-Ibrahim CityChakri RoadFake scheme
SSR & Co.Chakri RoadFake scheme
Al-Harmain TownChakri RoadFake scheme
PARC Cooperative Housing SocietyChakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-Kashmir (I, II)Chakri RoadFake scheme
Gulshan-e-Kashmir (I, II)Chakri RoadFake scheme
Pak PWDChakri RoadFake scheme
Marble Arch EnclaveMouza Jattal & Pind DaduFinal NOC issued over 1278.5 KanalsView LOP/Mortgaged Plots
Bahria Town Phase-VIIIshahpurTown Planning Approved over 5954 Kanal (transfer deed & bank guarantee submitted in place of mortgage deed)
Safari ValleyMouza GaliPreliminary Planning Permission Issued over an area measuring 6181.08 Kanal
Taj ResidenciaKaakFinal NOC issued over an area of 224 KanalView LOP / Mortgaged Plots
Al-Khan EnclaveLab Thatho, Tehsil TaxilaTown Planning Approved over 104 Kanal, Transfer & mortgage deed is under processView LOP
Faisal Hills-IIBan Bhola, Thatta Khalil, Jalala & Bhalot Tehsil TaxilaTown planning approved over 7300 Kanal, Transfer & mortgage deed is under process
Discovery GardenMouza Mujahidunapproved
Faisal Town Phase IImaira kalan, kolian par, dhallaillegal
T & T Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyDhagalTown Planning Approved
The AvenueNasrallahUnapproved
Rawal Palm CityAdyala roadUnapproved
Saffron CityKarpal & Kalyam Mughalunapproved
Park Zameen TownMisriot, Chakri RoadUnapproved
Seven Enclave (Land Sub-Division)Ghurbalillegal
Hawk MelbourneGurha Bartha, Main Chaklbeli Khan RoadUnapproved
Silver City PrimeJattalUnapproved
Hawk Eye ResidenciaBagga Sheikhanillegal
Zaitoon CityKarpal, Channi Sher Alam, Bagga SheikhanIllegal
New Metro CityMatial, Bhai Khan, PindoraUnapproved
Dool Housing SchemeDhamyalillegal
TAB cityChanni Sher Alam, GT Roadillegal
Nishan-e-mustafaBagga Sheikhan & Bagga Miana, Chak Beli Khan Roadillegal
Ample LivingBagga Sheikhan & Bagga Miana, Chak Beli Khan Roadillegal
Turkish Smart CityMaira Bhartha, Chak Beli Khan Roadillegal
The Regent Farm housing schemeChakraillegal
The Organic Farms (Al-Makkah City)Chakraillegal
RUDN EnclaveBudhiyalillegal
Islamabad Golf CityGharibaunapproved
Lake Vista ResidenicaDhok AbdullahScheme in RDA jurisdiction but approved by TMA potohar town (also advertised illegally as Rawal City) / illegal
Safa Valley (Land sub-division)Noonillegal
Ali Mola Motorway CityChakri RoadFake Scheme
Sun Light CityChakri RoadFake Scheme
Al Badar MotorwayChakri Roadillegal
Gulshan-e-IslamKhasal Khurd, Adyala Roadillegal
The Countryside Farm housesMohra koian & Rattyalillegal
Agro Park Housing SchemeRatta Gujrainillegal
Al Rehmat Citybagga mayanaillegal
Hope CityChakbeli khan roadillegal
Buniad HousingChakbeli khan roadillegal
Tokyo Smart CityChakbeli khan roadillegal
Atlantic CityBanda Chakbeli khan roadillegal
Flora Capital ValleyNear Bahria town Phase-VIIIillegal
Peace ResidenciaChakbeli khan roadillegal
Elixer Resortdellah murreeunapproved
Green HillsLakotillegal
Pine GardenLakotillegal
Kohstan Enclave ExtensionSagra, Brahmaunapproved
Gulshan-e-sehat Health Cooperative Housing SocietyPaswal, Wanniunapproved
Faisal Iqbal TownJalalaillegal
Hydayat TownBajjarillegal
Bankers Cityillegal
Earth GardenKalyam GT Roadillegal
OGDC Housing ScoietyHaklaapproved
Prism TownDoulialApproved by PHATA over 102 Kanal
Tariq Sharif Smart CityBarki Chohan & Dhouryapproved by PHATA on 763 kanals & 08 marlas
The life residenciaMohri khatranunapproved
Mividachakri roadillegal
Green Lake Citydhok bhatia, chak beli khan roadillegal
Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society Phase IIillegal
Joshua townillegal
mian muhammad bakhsh city (MMB city)Girja Roadillegal
Cighu Country FarmChakbeli Roadillegal
Avalon Cityrajar, Chakri Roadunapproved
High Capital Citymouza gorha bertha chakbeli khan roadillegal
SAFANZA housing schemechakbeli khan roadillegal
Silk Enclavemouza Gorakhpur Adyala roadillegal
islamabad green cityrajar habtaalillegal
new airport townkatarianillegal
Al-Haram City Phase I (Part II)kolian parillegal
Misriot Villas (land sub-division)misriotillegal
Faisla residencia Phase-IIrajar, khangarunapproved
Multi garden phase-IIchahan, khangar, syalunapproved
City model Townkhasala kalan, adyala roadillegal
National gardenchahan, chakri roadillegal
Ex-servicemen housing scheme (khan village)kolian par, chakri roadillegal
Safari green homesdhala, khasalaillegal
al-kausarhabtal, khingarillegal
Safari green farm houseHoon sharifillegal
al-kausar valleyhabtaalillegal
Green farm housemalkot mujahid, dheedarillegal
Bahria towndheraillegal
AGP PakistanChakri roadillegal
arooj butt (sub-division)iban chakillegal
Habi townchakbeli roadillegal
ahmad gardenkolian parillegal
Pak sar zameen townmisriotillegal
Posh cityChakbeli khan roadillegal
Forest townchak beli khan roadapproved by PHATA
Heaven Valleychakwal roadillegal
Theme park viewsikhu, adyal roadillegal
Lavish residenciasihaalillegal
Faha fatimarajar chakri roadillegal
Al-meezan citychakriillegal
mongolia farm houseAgahi sayeddanillegal
Kashmir Paradiseramdayillegal
Budget townramdayillegal
Freedom smart homestatraalillegal
Hoon farm housemouza adhowal Adyala roadillegal
sigo country farm housechak sigoillegal
Kingdom valleymouza chooraApproved by PHATA over 103 Kanal 15 Marlas
Kashmir valleyjhoolay chak daultaillegal
Shaheen gardenmangotillegal
Heaven Valleysahangillegal
Arora farm housesLab thathoillegal
Kohistan Enclave (Extension)sagra brahmaillegal
Kashmir town (education city)garhi afghanaillegal
Faisal hills enclaveshah waliillegal
Maz citypind gondalunapproved
Ch aurangzeb (land sub-division)sheikhpurillegal
Etihad heights (apartment scheme)jatalillegal
Adan homes (land sub-division)dhamyalillegal
Kashmir homes (land sub-division)masriot chakri roadillegal
Zardad colonyhayal ranyal, dhamyal roadillegal
Park zameen townmisriot chakri roadunapproved
Bank colony phase-IImisriotillegal
Royal Marina citydhok abdullahillegal
T&T housing societymorgahillegal
wadiya homesmorgahillegal
defence viewmorgahillegal
Ibrahim villasmorgahillegal
al qaim mansionadyala roadillegal
Al fajar town (land sub-division)dhok karam bakhshillegal
ch riaz khan etc (land sub-division)dhok karam bakhshillegal
A M townchaklalaillegal
Safron CityKarpal, Kalyam mughalunapproved
The countryside residenciaChanni alam sher, kalyam mughalillegal
Kalyam ValleyGT road, rawatillegal
Evergreen cityBagga Sheikhan, GT roadillegal
Century Townbagga sheikhan, rawatunapproved
New York Smart CityFake
SafvanzaChakbeli khan roadFake
Capital Orchardchakri roadillegal
Prime ValleyChakri roadillegal
Arizon Citynear chakri interchangeillegal
Citi HousingRawatillegal
Royal GharMouza Paryalillegal
New Iqra City / Iqra ResidenciaMouza Dheri, Jorian Rawat roadillegal
Green EnclaveMouza Gurha Bertha, Rawatillegal
Rawat Citymouza bagga sheikhan, Rawatillegal
Blue Sky GardenMouza hurha bertha, Rawatillegal
Islamabad Marina Citynear M2 Motorwayillegal
Paradise EnclaveMouza Piloillegal
Samana CityMouza Pinyali, Kahutaillegal
Green Life EnclaveMouza Mandraillegal
Hawk Greensnear M2 Motorwayfake/illegal
Ittehad heightsJattal, girja roadillegal
Moreno enclaveillegal
Rawal town and housing enclaveChakri roadillegal
Buraq EnclaveGT road, rawatillegal
capital valleythallianillegal
Chinar EnclaveKhasala Kalan, Adyal-Chakri Link Roadillegal
capital villageNeela Dullahillegal
ZAK cityillegal
cargo villagemouza katarianillegal
hum watan enclavemouza misriotillegal
green hawksmouza bhalillegal
inmole gardenmouza misriotillegal
ameen housing schememouza pind ranjhaillegal
attar farmillegal
dewan sharifillegal
haider residenciaillegal
country farmsillegal
risers marketing/ ahmad real estateillegal
BMS developersillegal
dua gardenillegal
al baraka gardenillegal
aamin housingillegal
bahram villasillegal
khan buildersillegal
anmol gardenillegal
town 21illegal
zam zam housingillegal
ham watan enclaveillegal
shakir gardenillegal
modern cityillegal
wah hillsillegal
potohar valleyillegal
neelam valleyillegal
shaheen enclaveillegal
manan cityillegal
gulshan e abbasillegal
global villageillegal
capital green gardenillegal
al baraq model townillegal
Al-Imran homesChakri roadillegal
mega city (old name: Iqbal City)missa kiswalunapproved
Grand orchard Farmsillegal
sarwar shaheed gardenmouza sanghooriillegal
KHR towntarhala, GT roadillegal
SUBDA Pakistan TrustMandra-Chakwal Roadillegal
The Royal Garden CityChakri roadillegal
Holy residenciakalyam sharif, GT Roadillegal
Royal Falcon Townbandot road, chakbeli khan roadillegal
University view citymouza misriot, chakri roadillegal
Qaswa town (china town)mouza thoha khalsa, kallar syedan by-passillegal
Orbit InternationalMouza piswal, Wanni, Taxilaillegal
Rawat enclavekallar syedan roadillegal
spring valley farm housetrahia, chakbeli-adyala link roadillegal
Trizbon smart citysanghori, sarwar shaheed roadillegal
Kashmir gardenrawatillegal
GB valleysanghori, sarwar shaheed roadillegal
Meadows farm houseschakbeli roadillegal
National gold enclavesakho morr, chakwal road, mandraillegal
Rahber Joshua TownMouza kolian hameedillegal
The Meadows Agro FarmMouza bhodialillegal
Kashmir Green Cityillegal
Khudkafeel FarmsMouza Trahia, nakrali roadillegal
World RCCI Cityillegal
Al-Imran GardensRawatillegal
High Life Citychakri roadillegal
Amman schemechakri roadillegal